Will Mr. Merriwether Return from Memphis?

Stockton House
May 4–21, 2017

Peter Wochniak / ProPhoto STL

Peter Wochniak / ProPhoto STL

The historic Stockton House, everyone’s favorite venue last year, returns as the stage for Will Mr. Merriwether Return from Memphis? Local favorite Jef Awada directs the first professional production in fifty years of this intimate, funny, poignant play. The scarcest ticket in town last year was for the immersive St. Louis Rooming-House Plays at the Stockton House, so theater-goers should get their tickets early and often.

"Women are waiting for their lovers to return, widows are longing for their husbands who will never return, and young ladies are just discovering the fires of early love - sounds almost like a parody of a Tennessee Williams play, and in a strange way it is. With ragtime cakewalk dancers, séances and ghosts, hags called "the Eumenides" who weave the fate of the characters, a "Romantically Handsome Youth," a gay French instructor, a banjo player in every scene, and the triumph of love found, love returned, and love forgiven, Williams wrote a comedy as full of poetry as of pleasure."  - Time Magazine

Festival and Flex pass only includes events from May 3-7, and not the encore presentations.

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Jef Awada


James Robey


Michael Perkins

Stage Manager and Sound Design

Michael Sullivan

Lighting Designer

Robin McGee

Costume Designer

Annina Christensen

Production Design

Pamela Reckamp

Production Manager

Kaylie Carpenter

Ass. Stage Manager

* Member, Actors' Equity Association


Stockton House
3508 Samuel Shepard Drive
St. Louis, MO 63103