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Scott Intagliata

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Jill McGuire


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Diane Asyre

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Fred Abrahamse

Richard Chapman

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Jef Hall-Flavin

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Thomas Keith

Marcel Meyer

Lana Pepper


Annette Saddik

Terry Schnuck

Henry Schvey

Barbara Smythe-Jones

John Russell

Staff Leadership

Carrie Houk.jpg

Executive Artistic Director

Carrie Houk

Carrie Houk has spent her professional life as an actor, casting director, producer and teaching artist. Educated at HB Studio in NYC and the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University, she began her acting career at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis and from there worked in NYC, LA and Chicago. She has cast over thirty films, numerous television shows and countless national commercials and has worked with directors Steven Soderbergh, Robert Altman, Alexander Payne, Howard Franklin, among others. She started her casting career in Chicago thirty five years ago and from there settled back in St. Louis to raise her daughter. She has produced two films and the critically acclaimed production of Tennessee Williams’s “Stairs to the Roof” directed by Fred Abrahamse. Adjunct professor of casting and acting at Webster University, Houk has also taught at Washington University and Columbia College Chicago.