Small Craft Warnings

May 4–14, 2017

Peter Wochniak / ProPhoto STL

Peter Wochniak / ProPhoto STL

The marquee, must-see, production of the festival is the little-known but critically heralded Williams play Small Craft Warnings.  Richard Corley, one of America’s most praised Williams directors, directs a cast of St. Louis’s top performers.  The cast is headlined by New York’s much-lauded Williams interpreter Jeremy Lawrence as Doc, a role Williams himself played in its original New York City run.  

An expansion of Tennessee Williams's earlier one-act play, Confessional, Small Craft Warnings is a kaleidoscopic pastiche of monologues delivered in a spotlight by each of the characters as the action around them becomes frozen and muted. Through them they reveal their loneliness and the emptiness of their existence.

Festival and Flex pass only includes events from May 3-7, and not the encore presentations



Richard Corley


Kathryn Ballard*

Stage Manager

Dunsi Dai

Set Designer

Michael Sullivan

Lighting Designer

Robin McGee

Costume Designer

Annina Christensen


Michael Perkins

Sound Design

Joe Novak

Technical Director

Pamela Reckamp*

Production Manager

* Member, Actors' Equity Association


3224 Locust Street
St. Louis, MO 63103