Ensemble 2.0

Monday, May 8; 8pm

Angelica Page

Angelica Page

‘ensemble 2.0’ is . . .

. . . a journey into the heart of an American family.  A heart that is often wild, broken many times over, and conflicted – but ultimately kind, caring, and compassionate.

Staged as a dramatic reading, ‘ensemble 2.0’ is a play based on Francesca Williams’s collection of family letters. The simplicity of the communication is striking.  Children speaking to parents. A mother's unflagging attention, compensating for an abusive father. A fragile daughter whose tragic illness is a living reminder of their own frailties. The fame of the tormented older son who is plagued by guilt. And the dutiful younger son forever on call to his demanding, melodramatic mother, whose mounting hysteria threatens the future of his own marriage and family.

It's a family struggling to stay together, needing each other, using each other, and in their own unique ways, taking care of each other. ‘ensemble 2.0’ is all about those details. First presented to a sold-out audience at the 59E59 Theatre in NYC, ‘ensemble’ was a rousing success at last year’s Fest. ‘ensemble 2.0’ has been expanded to include music, home movies, family photos and interviews. Their final curtain is not to be missed.

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